` About Us

Introduction to Mulligan Constructors

Our organization was founded on the basis that it takes a team of highly professional, competent, willing associates, dedicated to certain core values, to achieve success in our business and we do want to be successful.

Although the means to achieve our company's core values may change over the years in this dynamic industry, the basic values will not.

Exceeding our clients' expectations: Understand what is important to your client and their perception of what is expected from us, and simply give them more. That does not mean a bigger building, but does mean a smoother process and better quality which are very achievable with a little extra work, good planning and the desire to excel.

Treat those who are involved as team members: This includes the client, subcontractors, vendors, etc. Treat them fairly and listen to their input, as well as their complaints. Pay them quickly for work performed. For work which is not up to our standards, let them know early enough so that they can do something about it without any extreme schedule or financial impact. If they are correct in a dispute with the owner, let the owner know and, if they are wrong, inform them of why. The bottom line is if you treat the team members, whoever they are, with professionalism, fairly and firmly, they will respond positively.

Let's build our projects with these four ingredients:

  • Be on Schedule. Plan your work and communicate that plan to those involved,. Our business is 90% communication.
  • Be within cost. We are responsible for the project's financial results.
  • Safety is No. 1. Any project with a lost-time accident is not a successful project. Plan for safety and monitor your plan.
  • Quality. From day one, the project outcome is based upon Quality Control. If at the end of the project we are not proud to put our name on the project, we should not have built it.

Let's have fun with what we do. This introduction will permit you to understand how we run our business. We are always open to new ideas and we want your input. We have a great deal of pride in our projects and all of our associates are as eager as we, to continue the trend.